Scrap your car in Eastbourne – The trouble-free way.

We are number one for scrap car collection in Eastbourne. Our huge numbers of recovery trucks can collect scrap cars quickly, to eliminate your problem speedily, from all over the south coast as well.

We don’t just collect car scrap from Eastbourne, we’ll also visit the surrounding area from Beachy Head, Pevensey, Polegate, Willingdon, Wannock, Jevington to many other towns and villages in the Eastbourne area.

You will find we offer the best prices anywhere when you scrap cars for cash. The price we offer and agree with you is the price we will pay. We don’t believe in offering you a good price and then trying to reduce that amount when we actually take away your van or motorbike or other scrap, unlike some of our competitors. Our professionalism is of the highest standard. If we quote you a price on the phone or by email, we’ll stick with our offer.

You’ll be pleased to know that we operate within all the necessary legal guidelines. Unfortunately, our industry, like many others, does have some illegal scam operators. We won’t purposely undervalue when you are scrapping a car. This maintains our good reputation as we rely on people spreading the word of mouth about our quality service and the prices we pay.

Eastbourne General Knowledge

When you travel from Brighton to Hastings, you will find the historic town of Eastbourne waiting, invitingly, for your visit. After the railway arrived in 1849, the town turned into a seaside resort and has stayed that way ever since, although there is a lot more to Eastbourne than the beaches. The pier, built way back in 1865, is still a major attractive to both locals and visitors. Roman remains are regularly found in and under the town, such is the long history of the area. It suffered badly during the Second World War with the Navy and the Air Force taking over the town as people relocated to safer areas.

Contemporary Eastbourne has a wonderful climate and a front seaside line of mostly Victorian hotels, leading the town to be the focal point for a number of major films, including Notes on A Scandal and Half a Sixpence.

Our Eastbourne staff will always try to help you with the difficult parts of the paperwork. They will help you with completing the DVLA forms and let you have a COD – the Certificate of Destruction – after scrapping a car.

Our staff will always be courteous and make a possibly difficult time for you, much easier. It’s never easy to say goodbye to your car sent for scrap. Just call us or use the online request form.